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Martin Miller’s is a classic old school dry Gin, which kicked off the Gin renaissance of 1999.  Its classic ingredients combined with stunning Icelandic water form one of the world’s favourite, and most awarded Gins.

Every good Gin has its story, and Martin Miller’s is certainly no exception. An outing to a pub in 1999 with his two friends David Bromige and Andreas Versteegh set the ball rolling on Martin Miller’s refreshingly simple and straightforward Gin.

Traveling the world for ingredients is a cornerstone of the story of Martin Miller’s, from Tuscany to India, only the finest, freshest ingredients have been put together in this Gin.

The distilling itself happens in a traditional copper pot as nothing else was judged worthy for this Gin. After being distilled in the UK this Gin is dispatched to Iceland to receive what could be called the best water in the world. Puting the two together forms this now world famous Gin.

Whilst some would bemoan the ecological implications of the 3000 mile round trip to simply source some fresh water, it is the refreshing, glorious simplicity, taste and of course mineral make up of the Icelandic water which, when added together form this delectable Gin. With a design that is simple and classy, the Gin doesn’t just taste good, it looks it too.

To taste the Gin bursts with a dominant juniper flavour, like most dry Gins, but a vibrant burst of citrus flavour standing out.

The key botanicals of Martin Miller’s are juniper, angelica root, coriander, orris root, orange peel, cassia bark and cinnamon. These come together with a spiced and  warming feeling combined with that citrus freshness.

The nose of this Gin is initially dominated by citrusy goodness, but before long spicy cinnamon and coriander shine through.

The nose is warming, introducing a key aspect of the Gin from the beginning.

The palate is fresh and bouncy with a strong juniper focus, the orange citrus remains but retreats somewhat to the background.

Again, it is warming and slightly spicy. The juniper and coriander really bring these flavours out and add a lovely sweetness to them as well.

Finally, we get treated to notes of spice for a long, almost cosy finish.

This smooth and well balanced spirit is the perfect quintessential dry Gin, a must have for a first foray into the world of Gin or a delightful addition to any collection.