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The name Langley was originally associated with a


distillery in the West Midlands that still operates today.

When Mark Dawkins and Mark Crump were coming up with a name for their own Gin, Langley seemed like a good place to start. It was classic and it was British, in other words, it was perfect.

They approached Langley Distillery, which has been in production for over a century, and asked if they could use the name. The distillery said yes, and Langley’s England Gin was born.

That was in 2011, when Dawkins and Crump, who have over 50 years experience in the drinks industry, decided it was time to create their own brand, having worked with so many over the years.

Things went pretty well, and the Gin they created was awarded the title of Master at the 2013 Spirit’s Business Gin Masters, its first ever competition.

Since then things have only improved, and the Gin has won numerous awards across the globe.

No.8 London Dry

After experimenting with various recipes and methods, Dawkins and Crump settled on the eighth attempt, and it certainly proved to be a good one.

This Gin is packed with flavour and has been made using juniper, angelica root, ground nutmeg, cassia bark and cloves, amongst other botanicals.

The nose opens with really bright juniper and pine notes. They bounce off the Gin and make themselves very well known.

This helps to bring out a very earthy, natural note to the rest of the Gin. Lavender, heather and crisp notes of apple blossom appear.

It has a subtle citrusy sweetness that really comes out on the palate, alongside coriander and herbal notes of thyme and sage.

These are fresh and light, with hints of white sugar and lemons to them.

There is also a gentle heat, with some peppery spice. This mixes well with the earthy flavours and helps keep the herbal notes alive.

It wraps up with more juniper and a slightly sweet coriander flavour.

This is a really interesting Gin that definitely deserves all the accolades its received. One to add to the drinks cabinet!