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Instagram is a great place to keep up with gin brands and learn a lot about how they create a brand style and aesthetic.

It is also the perfect place to learn more about different cocktails and the various ways you can enjoy your some of the best gin brands out there. Instagram is the ultimate in gaining some GIN-spiration!

We’ve gathered up 5 of the best so you can get following now!

Gin 1: The Botanist

Take a closer look at the world of Gin making with The Botanist on Instagram. This is one of the most intimate looks at a Gin brand and the Gin making process on Instagram. The Botanist provides a great way to learn more about how their product is made and the effort that goes into it. And as is always the way with Instagram, the photos are great. This is one of the gin brands to follow if you want to know more about Gin from the very beginning of the process.


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Gin 2: Hendricks

One of the most popular gin brands available, Hendricks is worth a follow for the aesthetics alone. They constantly post images drawn in their Victorian era theme and just looks so impressive. Maybe I’m just really into vintage themes, but Hendricks just love to show their style on Instagram and I am definitely sucked in by it. As well as posting old illustrations, they also post a lot about the events they attend, and these look just as aesthetically pleasing!



Gin 3: Hayman’s

Get some summer inspitration from Hayman’s Gin on Instagram, where you can see everything they have to offer and the multiple ways they offer it. Check out some of their intriguing cocktails including one created for the Queen’s Birthday that they held a competition for the name. They celebrate their British roots and you get some stunning shots of what Hayman’s looks like with a wonderful summer background. They are worth following just so you can hold up these photos against the dark and dreary sky we Brits mostly see during the summer and imagine when times were better and brighter.



Gin 4: Copeland Gin

Copeland are a start up Gin distillery from Northern Ireland who are gathering a wide audience. They specialise in Gin infused with things like raspberries and rhubarb. Although they do not have a lot on their Instagram for now (as far as gin brands go, at least), they are worth following to see where this growing brand is going. They also create some incredible looking cocktails that will give you mixology envy, and their style is impeccable!



Gin brand 5: Tanqueray

Gin has a lot of messaging centred around the 1920s and 30s, and Tanqueray capture this style on their Instagram perfectly. Of course this is all part of their branding, but it looks fantastic and will have you reaching for a Gin within minutes of following them. But don’t think this is a trip to the past. Tanqueray is one of the few gin brands to also feature some pretty futuristic stuff including an“olive and thyme spherification” whatever that is! They also feature some pretty well established cocktail recipes that will impress your mates and inspire you to create your own concoctions.