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An exciting distillery in the west of Ireland, Boatyard Distillery has a lot to offer. Their Double Gin is especially exciting.


Irish distilleries appear to be popping up all the time. This one, technically based in Northern Ireland, is found on the shores of Lough Erne, in Enniskillen. Despite its Irish roots, it was founded by Joe McGirr, who was once COO of The London Distilling Company. So he definitely knows his stuff.

Boatyard was first opened in 2016 and they have produced three spirits so far; Double Gin, Old Tom Gin and Boatyard Vodka. They pride themselves on the quality of the organic ingredients they use. Of course it’s hard to make yourself stand out when it comes to gin these days, but they have an interesting edge over the competition.

Their Double Gin is so called as it is filtered through juniper berries before its first distillation. This gives an added kick of juniper notes throughout and adds a really rich quality to the flavour of the gin. This is a technique typically used by Dutch distillers and not so often seen in the UK or Ireland.

With innovation like this, we’re excited to see what else comes from Boatyard.


As well as the extra distillation through juniper, Boatyard Double Gin is also infused with botanicals like sweet gale (bog myrtle), coriander and angelica root. Most ingredients are locally sourced and Boatyard strives to carry out all aspects of the production process as close to home as possible.


Bottle cost: £37.05

This is some of the finest gin around. The nose begins with a hearty kick of juniper and lemon peel. They use fresh unwaxed lemons in their recipe, so it makes sense that the body is lemon forward. The citrus notes with the intensity of the juniper is brilliant.

The palate brings in more pine needles and fresh cut grass, giving it a lovely refreshing note. There is a slight spiciness and a really bright aromatic note on the body as well.

The finish is strong and full of zesty citrus notes.

Boatyard have been innovating from the get go and their Double Gin is a testament to their focus on quality. They are leading the pack of new Irish gin distilleries and its easy to see why.

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