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A small distillery based in Northern Ireland, the Hinch is creating great new gins.


Taking its name from the nearby town of Ballynahinch, the Hinch Distillery is based on the Killaney Estate in County Down. It has only recently opened but already boasts an extensive range of whisky, as well as Ninth Wave Gin.

The dream for Hinch Distillery was announced only last year (2019) when Terry Cross unveiled plans for a new £15m distillery. The project is ambitious and building of the distillery is well underway. It will span two floors and include a visitors’ centre, with the hope of becoming something of a tourist attraction itself.

Irish whiskey has always attracted crowds to the island, so it will be interesting to see what people make of the newest distillery to join the market. Ireland itself has seen growth in the amount of distilleries in recent years and it will be good to see how the Hinch can fit into that, especially as a distillery based in the north of the country.


The distillery is already producing both malt and gin, which isn’t that strange for an unopened distillery. In fact, releasing malt and other spirits before opening is the business model of a lot of whisky brands.

The Hinch’s Ninth Wave Gin takes its name from Irish Mythology, which says that you can glimpse the “other world” be conquering the ninth wave in the ocean. The other world is where the Irish god of the sea Mac Lir dwells. That’s quite a big legend for a little gin to live up to.


Bottle cost: £27.46

The nose begins with lots of wonderful fruit flavours. It is full of citrus notes, sweet vanillas and a hint of dew covered grass. There is a nod towards juniper and pine needles, making it lovely and refreshing.

The palate is smooth and soft, with more summer berries and big notes of vanilla. Juniper takes the lead and it is slightly bitter. This goes perfectly with crisp citrus notes and more pine needles.

The finish bites and lingers with a little bit of vanilla.

The Hinch Distillery is an exciting venture in Ireland/Northern Ireland and clearly one to keep an eye on, especially if Ninth Wave Gin is anything to go by.

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