If you're looking to know your London Dry from your Navy Strength or Old Tom and need some help choosing from the thousands of gins out there... GreatGins might just be the tonic.

Ableforth presents yet another innovation, diving into the past to create their take on the Old Tom style. The Gin of choice in the 18th and 19th Centuries it makes a convincing come back into the 21st century as well.

Old Tom Gins are in principle very similar to your favourite London Dry Style, the key difference being an added sweetness for flavouring. As well as making this a distinct Gin, Bathtub’s Old Tom is particularly pleasant in cocktails that require some additional sweetness.

The story of the Bathtub brand is also steeped in history, and whilst it is hard to be sure it would seem that the roots of the Bathtub Gin range stretch all the way back to the United States in the 1920’s.

Prohibition led to some innovators crafting liquors using their bathtubs, and you guessed it, this led to the term ‘bathtub Gins’. Such concoctions where infamous for their low quality, poor ingredients and unpleasant taste.

It is certain that those three descriptors do not apply to this particular Gin, the only other link being the lack of distillation in this excellent Gin. Instead of being distilled in a closed system, like many Gins, this Bathtub’s Old Tom is put together using a method called Cold Compounding.

Simply put, in a cold compound Gin the botanicals are mixed together with a neutral grain spirit to form the final product. Traditionally this has been associated with poor quality and flavour, but Bathtub Gin, on the contrary, is well formed and flavoursome througout.

In fact, its flavour, quality and taste have brought this Gin acclaim. Their impressive number of awards include a Gold at the 2017 Gin Masters.

The Gin itself constitutes  juniper, coriander, orange peel, cloves, cinnamon, and cardamom as its botanicals.

The nose is fruity and sweet but retains a strong presence of juniper. The citrus shines through as well.

The orange and lemon are bright and zesty, which really helps pick up the sweeter notes of the Gin.

The flavours are bold from the beginning, but melt together perfectly.

The palate is masterful, there are strident notes of citrus underpinned by sugary deliciousness, which combine together very well indeed.

The sweet notes bounce off the tang of the citrus at the start, but the two settle and become closer in profile.

The juniper goes wonderfully with both, complementing each in its own way.

The finish persists for a satisfying time and is full an enduring sweetness, concluding with a peppery element. This Gin, like the rest of the Bathtub family of Gins comes beautifully presented in a hand wrapped bottle which can only compliment the excellent flavours that lie within.

This Gin marries Bathtub’s renowned methodology with the classic Old Tom Style, a worthy addition for any Gin Drinker. But that’s for you to discover.