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Jensen’s Gin Distillery
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Gin has been around for hundreds of years and just recently has seen a massive increase in sales.

Distilled from Juniper Berries and any number of botanicals, the clear liquid has been given a new lease of life, with a burst of renewed interest from younger customers.

The ability to toy with the botanicals used in Gin gives makers an impressive amount of artistic license, and this has seen some interesting concoctions being made.

This in turn has attracted the eye of new audience who are excited by the chance to explore niche flavours and combinations.

Old brands are reinventing themselves and new names in both the craft and commercial markets are popping up everywhere.

There has also be an increased interest in Victorian recipes for Gin such as Sloe and Old Tom.

One distillery that embodies this new movement in the Gin industry is Jensen’s.

This distillery is based in the Bermondsey area, a place that has historically been well known for its role in the food and drinks industry in London.  Its streets are full of warehouses and stores where food and drinks were made and kept.

It has become known as “London’s larder” and to this day exists as one of the most exciting places to discover new food and drinks in the capital.

Jensen’s Distillery sits proudly at the heart of Bermondsey, where they create some of the best Gin available on the market today.

Their warehouse is situated in a converted railway arch, where they can be close to the history of Bermondsey and continue the tradition of this area being one of the best for food and drinks production.

As well as being band in the middle of London’s larder, Jensen’s also creates historical Gin.

This was the initial purpose of Jensen’s, which was started by Christian Jensen in 2004.  He was inspired after trying some impressive Gin in Tokyo that was from London, but no longer in production.

He was able to locate recipes for the Gin in an old archive and set about finding someone who could recreate the wonderful flavour.

He soon discovered Charles Maxwell and the two set about recreating that Gin from recipes and a bottle Jensen had managed to bring back from Japan.

Back then the Gin craze had not yet started, so the resulting product from Jensen and Maxwell’s hard work was more for personal enjoyment.

Jensen even managed to get his locals to buy a few cases from him.

Eventually though these contacts grew into other contacts, who had more of a hand in the Gin industry, and before long Jensen was selling his Gin I more than his local pubs.

He also went on to become one of the first to recreate and distil Old Tom Gin, a recipe that had long been forgotten about by the industry.

Today, Jensen’s sells in many different pubs and bars across the UK.  It also sells in some impressive big name retailer, including Fortnum & Mason and Selfridges.

This is an exciting distillery that was created long before the Gin boom, so keep an eye out for what comes next for Jensen’s!