If you're looking to know your London Dry from your Navy Strength or Old Tom and need some help choosing from the thousands of gins out there... GreatGins might just be the tonic.

There is no better way to enjoy Gin than in a Gin & Tonic. As amazing as many gin cocktails out there are, they just do the spirit justice.

With a good Gin & Tonic, you really get a taste for the flavour of the Gin, but the key is to make sure you have a good quality Tonic that won’t overwhelm the Gin.

A Tonic should be complementary to Gin, it should bring out the different flavours and aromas and enhance them rather than dampen them.

Fever Tree and Schweppes both make impressive quality Tonics that achieve this.


Fever Tree Tonic and Light Tonic

Fever Tree Tonictonics is especially good at bringing out sweeter notes in Gin as it includes several other botanicals as well as quinine.

Their Tonic and Light Tonic are exceptionally smooth and light, with a wonderfully refreshing tone that goes perfectly with earthy and herbal Gins.

They do not use any preservatives or sweeteners, giving their Tonic a light body.

These Tonics are also filled with citrus notes of lemon and lime that are fresh and enlivening. This adds a lovely edge to the Tonic that piques the taste buds and melts beautifully with citrus forward Gins.



TonicsSchweppes likewise, create a soft and smooth Tonic that is packed with flavour that serves the Gin rather than overwhelming it.

Quinine is definitely the dominant flavour here, so Schweppes is a bitterer Tonic than some others, but goes well with Gins that are earthier and not as sweet.

The brand has been around for over two centuries, so they really know their stuff. The mouth feel of their Tonic is like velvet and the quinine, although definitely there, is easy going and allows any Gin to really show themselves.

There is a slight citrus tang to Schweppes, but for the most part it is pretty gentle, making it the perfect companion for almost any Gin to flourish.


Fentimans Tonic and Light Tonic and Pink Grapefruit

tonicsFentiman’s are another brand that have been around for over a century and they make really interesting drinks using a “botanical brewing” method.

They have a lemongrass edge to their Tonic and Light Tonic that really makes the citrus notes of any Gin stand out. These are perfectly paired with Gins that have a lemon, lime or orange focus.

The lemongrass gives them a crisp bite that really brings out fresh, tangy flavours in Gin.

Fentiman’s Pink Grapefruit is also a brilliantly crafted Tonic. Obviously this has more of a citrus forward flavour, specifically Pink Grapefruit.

But this can be paired with many different Gins, and works well with those that have sweeter flavour profiles.


Franklin & Sons Tonic

tonicsFranklin & Sons are a brand that existed for decades but unfortunately went out of business for a while. They were revitalised in 2015 and have been thriving ever since.

Their Tonic Water is made using Ecuadorian cinchona, with no compromise on flavour.

This is a bright and crisp Tonic that has definite lemon and lime notes, making it perfect for pairing with citrusy Gins.

There is also a slightly herbal note that brings out earthy qualities in Gin as well. This gives it a lovely depth and real character.

This is a soft Tonic that captures lots of different flavours but never overwhelms or drowns out Gin.