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Fentimans have been around since 1905, when Thomas Fentiman was first given the recipe for Ginger Beer as collateral for a loan.

While most people would probably be pretty upset if they lost out on money for a recipe for Ginger Beer, Fentiman turned this into a business opportunity, one that has been successful for his family over 100 years later.

Rather than simply accepting the fact that he had received a recipe instead of money, Fentiman made the beer and starting selling it door to door.

You see the thing was, this was no ordinary Ginger Beer. This was Ginger Beer that had been botanically brewed, which is a process of infusing drinks with various botanicals.

This is what makes Fentiman’s products stand out from the crowd. They are not simply soft drinks and mixers, but rather they are crafted using interesting ingredients and flavourings, much in the same way that Gin is created.

Fentimans are still very popular today and they make wide range of products including soft drinks, mixers, craft beers and syrups.

Their mixers are ideal for creating brilliant Gin cocktails and drinks, as the botanicals used are often very complimentary to the botanicals used in popular Gins.

Take their Pink Grapefruit Tonic. This is a wonderful mixer to use with Gins that are fruity and fresh, helping to bring out more flavour from them, and add a little as well.

Fentiman’s Pink Grapefruit tonic is crisp and fresh, packed with flavour and ideal for adding a little something extra to your Gin.

Unlike many flavoured mixers out there, this drink is not overly sweet and simplistic.

Through the method of botanical brewing that Fentimans use, their drinks are often richly complex and intriguing, and this mixer is no different.

The grapefruit is sweet but not overwhelming and the other flavours come through well. It is made with lemograss to give is a fantastic citrus tang that really gives it character and taste.