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Cork Dry Gin is Ireland’s best selling Gin. It is created at the Midleton Distillery (in Cork, of course) but has a long history that stretches back as far as 1793, when it was first made at the Watercourse Distillery.

It wasn’t until 1867 that production of Cork Dry Gin began at Midleton, as this was when the creation of the Cork Distilleries Company saw five distilleries come together.

The brand has been very successful over the years, with steady sales across Ireland. Today it is owned by PernodRicard and its primary market remains in in its homeland.

It has a fairly typical make up of botanicals and includes juniper, angelica, lemon, lime and a “mystery ingredient”.

The nose opens with lots of juniper and a slight whiff of alcohol. This is a very refreshing Gin, with a lovely citrus note from the very beginning.

This continues on the palate, which is smooth and easy going.

The citrus fruits really take over here, with lots of limes and lemons coming through. They are bright and rich, with a wonderful zest.

The juniper melts into the background and offers a subtle pine note.

The finish is smooth, with lots of citrus and a little bit of alcohol to it.