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Could there be a more quintessentially British Gin than Tarquin’s British Blackberry?

Made in the Southwestern Distillery in, you guessed it, Cornwall, this spirit is lively and bright, with all the best of British summertime in a bottle.

Southwestern started in 2012 and released their first Gin in 2013. It was founded by Tarquin Leadbetter who is passionate about what he puts in his Gin.

He told the Gin Foundry, “I was always drawn back to quite traditional ingredients. My intention was and still is to utilise these botanicals in a slightly non-traditional way, to create something familiar but different at the same time.”

Everything about Tarquin’s is the epitome of small batch and craft distilling.

Each batch is only 300 bottles at a time, which is very small when you consider some distilleries can make thousands of litres at a time.

Each botanical is also hand picked and chosen by sight. They decide on only the best ingredients to make their spirits.

They also hand fill and label each bottle, adding that little bit of an extra personal touch.

The love and care that goes into each bottle is evident in the quality of the Gin, and especially in the British Blackberry version.

This Gin tastes like the Cornish coast bottled. It is packed with sunshine and gentle coastal breezes.

It opens with a nose of tangy summer fruits and juniper. The juniper really bounces off the fruits and the two flavours are perfect for each other.

This really does taste like Britain in a bottle. It is warming and gentle, with a soft sweetness to it and a delicious fruity side.

The palate is bountiful with flavour. The blackberries are fresh and ripe, just bursting with flavour and juice.

They mix well with the honey note that also comes through. This comes from the use of Cornish honey as one of the key botanical in this spirit.

There is a delicate hint of citrus fruits that add to the refreshing taste. Juniper really takes the lead on this one, with pine notes appearing alongside the blackberries.

The finish is mellow and easy going, with a little bit of citrus and berries.

This summer, don’t waste your time with ciders and berry liqueurs. Reach for a bottle of Tarquin’s British Blackberry Gin and you will thank yourself every time you take a sip.