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Not to be confused with Bathtub Gin, Bath Gin is a homage to the beautiful city of Bath and its wonderful literary history.

Bath Gin was founded by Peter Meacock, owner of The Canary, one of Bath’s most popular Gin bars.

He opened a micro-distillery that has been thriving since 2016 and here he creates some pretty impressive spirit.

Bath Gin has a lot going for it and the brand owes a lot to the city it was born in. Jane Austen, one of Bath’s most famous residents, adorns the bottle with a cheeky wink.

Bath Gin is crafted from 11 botanicals, including juniper, cassia bark, angelica root, cardamom,coriander, Kaffir lime leaf, burnt orange peel, lemon peel, wormwood, cubeb berry and liquorice.

It opens with a nose full of citrus fruits and a sweetness from the liquorice. The lime is excellent and provides a crisp bite to the overall flavour.

The juniper is rich and smooth, melding into the sweetness of the liquorice and cardamom.

This is a slightly aromatic Gin, with a very refreshing start and a lovely bite to it.

The palate is bursting with citrus and sweetness. Lemons, limes and orange all jump out and establish themselves firmly.

They are set against a sugary backdrop, with liquorice and cardamom taking the lead. These are delicate and soft, offsetting the tangy citrus.

The juniper remains rich and flavoursome, going well with the aromatic and slightly herbal notes of coriander.

The finish is full of flavour, with big notes of lime and orange coming through and a gentle reminder of cardamom.

Bath Gin is full of reminders of the remarkable city it comes from, but with a spirit this good, it won’t be long until Bath becomes known because of it’s Gin as well as it’s historic literature.