If you're looking to know your London Dry from your Navy Strength or Old Tom and need some help choosing from the thousands of gins out there... GreatGins might just be the tonic.

The London Distilling Company was originally dreamed up in 1807, when Ralph drew up plans and sought investors.

However, the dream did not last, and it was soon killed off when no one invested. Dodd put his plans to rest, and they stayed that way until 2011, when Darren Rook and Nick Taylor met.

They revived Dodd’s dream and gave it life, culminating in the entrepreneurial an innovative London Distilling Company, the first distillery in London in over a century.

The brand has been a great success and while the original idea is over 200 years old, the company as it exists today is thoroughly modern.

They pride themselves on the eco-friendly outlook, which includes using solar panels and passing on spent grain to local bakeries. They have also designed a cooling system that recovers heat from the stills for use elsewhere.

Currently the company has plans to relocate from Bermondsey to Battersea, which was what Dodd had envisioned all along.

Their plans to renovate the Battersea Power Station will see them expanding their production capabilities as well as opening up Europe’s biggest Gin bar, with a Gin library and nano-brewery attached.

There are also plans to put in a barbershop and hidden member’s club. Their plans may seem big, but with their success so far, it won’t be surprising when they succeed.

While their Whisky is still maturing, they have released two Gins, including one named for their original founder, Ralph Dodd.

Dodd’s Gin is made using the highest quality, organic ingredients, and its botanicals include juniper, cardamom, angelica root, bay leaf, lime peel, red raspberry leaf, and honey sourced from a local brand, aptly named The London Honey Company.

It opens with a sweet nose that is full of lime and cardamom. The spices and citrus flavours melt into each other and make for a refreshing and crisp opening.

On the palate the flavours become bolder, with lots more aromatic notes. The bay leaves and angelica start to appear.

Heat the glass a little in your hand and the liquid really begins to show itself. The juniper is earthy and rich and it has more herbal notes.

The honey acts like a subtle undertone to everything and complements the earthy notes perfectly.

The finish is drying and soft, with lots more juniper and angelica.

This is definitely a Gin that Ralph Dodd would be proud to have his name associated with.