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Sacred Cardamom Gin is part of the family of Sacred Gins, created by the Sacred Spirits Company.

As well as an organic gin they feature 7 distinct products focusing around key botanicals such as Juniper and Orris, even Christmas Pudding gets a look in with this fantastic brand. Their Cardamom Gin holds its own amongst this line up for its powerful flavour. It is a Gin that many will love and others will hate.

The story of the Sacred Gins is an intriguing one. As one of few distilleries based in London today, Sacred is a direct descendant of the many hundreds of Gin Makers who have gone before and carries the heritage of arguably the world’s greatest Gin city.

What makes the Sacred story special is Ian Hart and his house. I say his house, because this is is one of the only Gins to be manufactured in a residential property. Ian’s family home in North London is where this Gin is distilled.

Just as fascinating is the distillation method used to make Sacred Cardamom Gin. Instead of regular pot still distillation, commonly used across the Gin world, Sacred use vacuum distillation. This method means that the Gins can be distilled at a much lower temperature. This method typically leads to lusher, fresher gins.

Sacred Cardamom brings a whole lot more vibrant freshness through the distillation process than it otherwise would.  Which makes this gin a force of flavour to be reckoned with.

The Gin itself constitutes the normal botanicals found in the Sacred range, but has a much stronger cardamon presence.

This is immediate and obvious when tasting the Gin. The nose is extremely fragrant. The cardamom has all the subtlety of a battering ram as it dominates the flavour from the off alongside some junipery notes.

It is sweet, floral and purfumed, letting itself be known from the get go. Underneath it all is a delicate hint of juniper and citrus fruits.

The palate is similar, although the juniper is stronger here. Giving the Gin some more classical flavouring throughout, although the star of the show is the aromatic cardamom pods bursting through.

They bring lots of sweetness and rich earthy qualities. There is also a warming spice coming from them that makes this Gin feel homely and almost comforting.

The juniper is ever present and ties in well with sweetness of the cardmom.

The finish is warming and contains one final burst of cardamom goodness.

This is an intense, vibrant Gin, and although it may be a little too much for some people, it should not be shied away from.