If you're looking to know your London Dry from your Navy Strength or Old Tom and need some help choosing from the thousands of gins out there... GreatGins might just be the tonic.

Another brilliant Gin out of this Yorkshire distillery, this spirit adds a delightful lavender twist to the original Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin.

The original Gin was launched in 2013, suitably on World Gin day, this Lavender Edition was launched two years later in 2015

The Gin was originally dreamed up by Carl and Cathy Mason, Gin enthusiasts with no knowledge of the industry. They had a vision for a well made spiritand set out to make one of unique character and taste.

Mason’s Lavender Edition has already been well received by critics having won a Gold Medal at the World Gin Awards in 2017.

Mason’s Lavender Edition, like other Mason’s Gins is distilled in copper alembic stills which each have a two hundred litre capacity. They have two such stills which have been affectionately called Steve and Leftie.

A slow distillation method is employed to ensure that only the finest possible spirit is produced, with fresh Yorkshire water mixed in with the finest botanicals.

Speaking of botanicals, the Mason’s have opted not to disclose this Gin’s botanicals. There are most likely ample amounts of juniper, elements of citrus, some fennel and of course an infusion of floral Lavender.

The nose is a superb infusion of dry Lavender mixed with some notes of fennel which combine beautifully to create a vibrant and unique aroma.

The juniper also makes an appearance, with a slightly pine needle quality to it.

The palate is soft and creamy and really brings some of the sweetness of the lavender out into the open which mixes well with the traditional influence of the juniper and citrus influences.

The lavender is floral and delicate, with slight hints of petals and dew covered grass.

There is a really mellow feel to the body of the Gin.

The finish is subtle and dry and makes for a sweet conclusion to a delightful Gin and an excellent addition to the Mason’s Line up.

If you’ve not invested in Gin infused with bolder flavours before, then i can definitely suggest starting your collection with Mason’s Lavender Dry Yorkshire Gin.