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Colonsay Gin captures the spirit of the rugged Scottish island it was created on, as well as the entrepreneurial heart of the company that founded it.

It has been crafted by Wild Thyme Spirits, an endeavour set up by husband and wife team Finlay and Eileen Geekie.

Wild Thyme Spirits was started in 2016 after Finlay and Eileen were inspired by their trips to Junipalooza, where they met Martin and Claire Murray, the founders of Rock Rose Gin.

Feeling inspired, they set about starting their own distillery and choose Colonsay, an island in the Scottish Hebrides, as the home of their Gin.

Perhaps the most unique thing that Wild Thyme Spirits offers is the chance to go on a Gin Lovers Retreat. This allows you to visit Colonsay and stay at the distillery’s guest house.

You can soak in the sights and sounds on the remote island during the day and enjoy a glass of the finest Gin by night.

This is definitely a unique experiences, and gives you the chance to really get to know the home of a remarkable Gin.

Colonsay Gin is crafted using a range of botanicals, including juniper, coriander, angelica root, liquorice, orange peel and calamus root.

The nose is lovely and earthy to begin with and the juniper berries really shine.

It is bursting with pine notes and citrus aromas add a delicate zest. Juniper definitely takes the foreground and storms ahead, with a rich earthen flavour.

The palate booms with more citrus flavours, especially orange. The coriander starts to appear here as well and makes itself known with a lovely turpentine note.

It is rich and luxurious and leaves you with no doubt that this is a classic, traditionally distilled Gin.

The finish rounds everything off with juniper and a lasting hint of coriander.

This is a bright and refreshing Gin that is certainly not to be missed. If you’re looking for something not entirely challenging in its flavour profile but also entirely flawless and a solid nod towards what a great Gin really is, then this is the perfect Gin for you.