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Named for the distillery doors at Benromach in the Speyside region of Scotland, Red Door Gin is the distillery’s foray into the world of Gin.

The Brand

Benromach has been making Whisky since 1898, when they were set up by Duncan McCallum and F. W. Brickman.

Since then they have been in and out of production, with their most recent mothballing was in 1983.

They were rescued from their silence in 1993 when they were bought over by Gordon & MacPhail, and re-opened in 1998.

The brand is well respected within the Whisky world and are known for being a typical Speyside malt.

Their venture into the world of Gin comes after they received an investment and have refurbished an old malt barn.

The Gin

Thanks goodness for that investment because Red Door Gin is incredible.

It is made using a variety of botanicals including juniper, angelica, rowan berries, bitter orange, sea buckthorn, heather, coriander and lemon.

This creates a citrus zest with a lively juniper base.

The nose opens with lots of juniper and spicy coriander. It has a lovely warmth to it.

The citrus fruits really come out and add a lovely tang to the overall aroma. The sea buckthorn also comes out and is wonderfully fresh.

The palate is crisp and bright, with grassy notes and lots of heather and lemon.

This makes it really clean and soft, and the citrus tang is excellently biting. The flavours combine really well here.

Coriander hangs in the background with a herbal aroma and ties in fantastically with the juniper and lemon.

The finish is gentle and packed with lemon and orange.

This is a brilliant expedition for the Whisky brand and well worth a look in from both Gin and Whisky fans alike.