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Not a lot of Gin producers can claim to be the first and original London Dry Gin, but Greenall’s is the exception to this.

Greenall’s was founded by Thomas Dakin in 1761 and their G&J Distillery in Warrington was the first Gin distillery in England.

They have recently undergone a rebrand that brings them into the 21st century while at the same time is a homage to their long history.

They did this by reintroducing the original bottle shape from their frits release, all the way back in 1761, while at the same time updating their labelling to bring it straight into the modern era.

The brand has only ever had 7 Master Distillers, which is quite a feat in their near 250 year history.

Today they are fronted by Joanne Moore, one of the few female Gin Masters around. She has stepped up to the plate and introduced new and exciting expressions into Greenall’s range including their Wild Berry, Sloe Gin and their most recent launch, Greenall’s Extra Reserve.

Moore has been awarded for her efforts as well, with Greenall’s winning several accolades in the past few years, including two Gold Medals in the Fifty Best Gins.

Their Extra Reserve is a travel retail exclusive and a fantastic addition to the Greenall’s range. It was launched in June of this year and is the first travel retail release from the brand.

This expression is an updated and fresh take on the typical London Dry Gin. It is definitely a mark of just how good Moore is at her job.

The Extra Reserve hones in on the Original’s citrus notes and takes them to a whole other level.

It has been made using 10 different botanicals, including Moroccan orange, Turkish grapefruit, and Spanish lemons, making it a truly international Gin.

This is a strikingly refreshing and clean Gin, with a lovely crisp mouth feel that gives it a nice bite. The citrus fruits used in this Gin make it sweeter than most other Gins with a citrus base. The orange is especially intriguing and adds a softness to the mouth feel.

This is a wonderful Gin from a brand with a lot of history in the Gin market, and it reflects and complements that history in every way, especially in its success.