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Christmas may be over but that doesn’t mean you have to put away all the Christmas themed Gin, right?

Ginvent Gin is a gorgeous Gin bursting with flavour and brought to us by the guys at Gin Foundry.

The Gin Foundry, for those not in the know, is a blog founded by Olivier and Emile Ward with the sole purpose of which is to enlighten, entertain and educate bout all things Gin.

They also have several more Gin endeavours (or Gin-devours if you will) including The Ginvent Calendar, Junipalooza, The Ginsmith Awards and the Gin Kiosk.

These guys really know their Gin, so it’s no wonder they turned to making it.

The Ginvent Gin is part of their Ginvent Calendar, which is exactly what it sounds like – a Gin advent calendar.

They created this spirit to bring back memories of Christmas Day and to evoke everything that Christmas is.

And for the guys at the Gin Foundry, that includes a lot of chocolate. A LOT of chocolate.

The Ginvent Gin is made with cacao nibs and organic cocoa powder, which both introduce different elements of the same flavour. It is also made from juniper, liquorice, Kaffir lime, star anise, cassia, cinnamon and cloves.

The nose opens with the dark, bitter flavours of the cocoa powder, which is rich and chocolaty.

There is definitely a Christmas cake element to this Gin, almost like it has been filtered through one.

The spices are wonderfully warming and deep, with lots of different flavours coming off them.

The palate is as equally warming and chocolaty. More juniper notes come through, with a lovely tang of lime to add a nice citrusy zest.

There is also a dried fruit and dark berry flavour appearing, adding a nice freshness to the overall taste. This goes hand in hand with the dark chocolate and lime notes.

Underneath the darker flavours is a wonderfully light sweetness. This goes hand in hand with the lime notes and really piques your interest.

The finish is strong, with lots more chocolate flavours and a lovely lasting note of lime.

My suggestion with Ginvent Gin, if you haven’t already got a bottle, is not to wait until Christmas. This spirit is far too good to wait for the appropriate season to come around. And if you ask me, every season is Gin season!