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Strawberry Gin is the epitome of luxury, and this expression from Dillon’s Small Batch Distillery is an excellent example of what happens when you combine nature’s best fruit with man’s best spirit.

Dillon’s are a craft distillery based in Ontario, Canada and are fiercely proud of what they do.

They are seeking to return Canadian spirits to glory, by creating products that are hyper local and of the best quality available. And this is exactly what they do.

They have a wide range of spirits and bitters that are produced well, with a lot of love and passion going into them.

Dillon’s started when Geoff Dillon was encouraged by his father-in-law-to-be to start a business. He already had a background in economics and an active interest in distilling, which even saw him study in Scotland, so he was well on the way to starting a thriving business.

Dillon’s is a distillery that wants to set itself apart from the rest, and they certainly do that. They look for new ways of doing things all the time and do not shy away from out of the box thinking.

This has seen them create numerous spirits and bitters that all offer something unique.

They also have a desire to do well by their country, and a real drive at Dillon’s is to showcase the brilliance of Canadian spirits.

Their ingredients are all sourced locally, so both the producers and their customers know they are getting the best.

Their Strawberry Gin is made using Niagara Strawberries and a wide range of botanicals. This is the perfect aperitif and is mouth wateringly sweet and juicy.

The strawberry comes out immediately on the nose, with a light dusting of icing sugar detectable just below the surface.

The sweetness is not overwhelming, but is lovely and soft, with a pastry like quality to it.

The palate is bolder, with more flavour and bigger notes of strawberry candy floss and sherbet.

The botanicals add a whole other dimension to this Gin, giving it depth and refinement, holding back the strawberry sweetness from being too overpowering.

They work in combination with each other to create a warming and comforting liquid.

There are some light herbal notes coming through, with a little hint of basil and thyme. These go hand in hand with the strawberries.

The finish is typical of a dry Gin and is packed with fruity flavour.