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If you were ever on a camping trip and thought, “I wish there was a Gin to go with this campfire”, then look no further than Campfire Gin.

Made at the Puddingstone Distillery, Campfire Gin was made for the outdoors.

It was inspired by the many trips its creators Kate and Ben Marston took, when they would enjoy a Gin around a fire in the great outdoors.

From there they decided to look into what it took to make a Gin, and after some studious research, they realised that it was entirely plausibly for them to craft their own spirit.

But it wasn’t an overnight turn around. They poured time and energy into their endeavour, visiting other distilleries, taking exams and searching for the perfect spot to set up their new distillery.

Eventually they found the perfect place in the Chiltern Hills in the South East of England, an area of outstanding natural beauty, and a popular destination for campers.

Where could be better for creating a Gin focussed on the outdoors?

They choose the best place to make a Gin that captures nature at its finest. It is made with some uncommon botanicals including juniper, orris, angelica, coriander, roasted hazelnuts, rooibos, grapefruit peel, orange peel, lavender, golden berry and coffee cherry.

The nose is packed with citrus and herbal notes. The orange and grapefruit really take over.

The coriander is sweet and soft, bring in a more herby note. This goes perfectly with the rooibos, which adds a nice tea like note.

The flavours are bold and strong, with lots of complexity.

On the palate, they go perfectly with the juniper and coffee cherry that start to appear.

These are earthy and rich. They melt together with the herbal notes, making for a really interesting and natural feeling spirit.

The citrus is definitely the main flavour in the Gin. It is strong and zesty, with lots of sweet and tangy notes to allow the other flavours to come through against it.

The finish on this Gin is rich with juniper and orange peel.

This Gin is so good it simply cannot only be consumed every time you go camping. And if it is, then you may as well prepare to live outside.