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It seems like fitness and general health are all the rage these days, with gym bunnies and cross fitters telling us we should all “eat clean and train dirty”, whatever that means.

Obviously we should all be careful about what we eat, and maybe try not to consume too much McDonalds after a night out. It’s mostly common sense really, and the majority of us know how to eat healthily.

But what about drinking? Yes we know not to over do it too much, but do we know the calorie content of our drinks?

The answer is probably not, we’ve all heard alcohol called “empty calories” but just how many calories are in your favourite drink?

If you’re an avid beer drinker you’ve probably been told a thousand times to watch out for the burgeoning of a beer belly.  A single pint in fact can contain up to 200 calories, the same as a slice of pizza.

So the next time you’re on a wild night out, you might what to slow down on the old pints there!

This would take a total of around 13 minutes on a treadmill to burn off, so next time you hit the gym, you can count the beers as you jog them away.

Now you’re next thought might to more onto some wine.  It’s made of grapes, right? Maybe that could even count for one of your five a day! (We should be so lucky!)

Not so fast!  Wine actually has more calories than beer, with around 384 in a pint.  However, wine is not typically drank by the pint, unless you’re hardcore into your wine, so actually you probably won’t consume that much over the same period of time.

Also, red wine has more calories than white wine, so if you want to be even more cautious, reach for the Sauvignon Blanc before the Merlot!

Prosecco particularly is quite low in calories, at around 80 per glass, so you might want to make yourself seem classy and start drinking it as your regular!

Now what about our favourite spirit, here at Great Gins?  

You might want to brace yourselves for this.

Whisky has a total of 105 calories per shot.

Which in the grand scheme of things is not that much.  This is typical of brown spirits, with Jagermeister stealing the show at a whopping 155 calories per shot!  I’m sure that makes you glad you got over your Jagermeister phase in Fresher’s week at uni.

White spirits have slightly less calories, but only just.  Vodka has around 96 per shot and Tequila has 104.

Considering that this only accounts for shots of spirits, if you’re a fan of cocktails you’ll need to be even more careful.  Mixers such as fruit juice and carbonated drinks can be quite high in calories and sugar count.

Mixing your spirits with diet sodas is always a good choice, as these tend to have less calories.

The cocktail with the least amount of calories is a Rum and Diet Soda, with only around 97, depending on how much rum you use and whether to diet soda has 0 calories or not.  Keep in mind here that a shot of rum has something like 96 calories.

The cocktail with the most calories is a Long Island Ice Tea, with an incredible 780!  But if you’re not a housewife from California taking a break after her nose job, why are you even drinking a Long Island Ice Tea?